Estate & Trust Litigation

Dealing with estate litigation or a contested will?

Get an experienced attorney in Bergen County, NJ to help get everything straightened out.

Ms. Meehan is well versed in matters involving beneficiary will contests, estate and/or trust accounting litigation as well as other probate and fiduciary disputes. She has experience representing both the executor/fiduciary defending claims filed against the estate, as well as representing beneficiaries filing estate claims or caveats against estates and the fiduciaries. The statute for filing an action contesting a will is extremely short so if you are considering it, you need immediate legal advice.

Trust Accounting/Trust Litigation

Ms. Meehan is an experienced trust litigator, representing trust beneficiaries against major corporate banking trustees. Ms. Meehan handles contested trust accountings, is well versed in filing 'exceptions' to corporate trust accountings on behalf of the beneficiaries as well as handling negotiations with trustee boards and is familiar with the various trust standard criteria and case law in New Jersey. She is very familiar with crafting discretionary disbursement requests on behalf of beneficiaries and emergent need applications. She is also well-versed with preparing annual trust budgets, handling discussions as to trust budgetary matters as well as discretionary committee applications on behalf of our beneficiary clients. Ms. Meehan is conversant in New Jersey U.P.I.A .and its application, as well as matters where real estate is held by the trust, the laws concerning "ascertainable standard" and various other maintenance and trust beneficiary issues.